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How to Use a Streamer Michael Kors Outlet store Trunk for Interior Decorating´╗┐

Steamer trunks, both large and small, are relics of a romantic Michael Kors Outlet Online era--one in which travelers packed their belongings in enormous, leather and canvas trunks before setting sail across the sea. As modern-day travelers carry wheeled suitcases and tiny carry-on bags, steamer trunks live on more as decorations than as practical luggage. Their large size, canvas and leather exteriors and metal embellishments make them resilient and practical for home use, if not on your next vacation.Does this Spark an idea?Other People Are ReadingDifferent Ways to Paint an Antique Steamer TrunkHow to Refinish Antique TrunksInstructions Bedroom1Store out-of-season clothes inside the trunk. Alternatively, use the trunk to store extra bed linens.2Place the trunk at the end of your bed, where it can double as both a focal point and a place to sit.3Situate a smaller steamer trunk next to a low bed to make a nightstand with storage.Living Room4Replace your coffee table with a steamer trunk, which can store things like video game controllers and remote controls.5Place your television on a large steamer trunk to make a TV stand; but bear in mind that you won't be able to access the interior.6Coordinate the colors in your living room to match your steamer trunk for a classic, Michael Kors Outlet store´╗┐ old-world look. ´╗┐